The Heritage of Queenstown

Did you know that Queenstown, which is Singapore’s very first satellite town, was named to mark the 1952 coronation of Queen Elizabeth II? Before that, the estate was simply known as “Bo Buay Hor” (which translates to “No Tail River” in English) because the residents then could never find the estuary of the river that runs through it (it actually leads in to the Singapore River).

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New Queens Peak Perspectives Released!

MCC Land have just released its first official perspectives of Queens Peak! A total of 4 images have been released featuring the facade of the building and the facilities on the 27th floor lounge.

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New Amenities in Dawson Estate

In line with the rejuvenation of Queenstown (specifically, the Dawson estate), the government have announced plans to develop a whole new array of commercial amenities all around Queens Peak.

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About The Architect

AGA Architects is the developer-appointed architect for Queens Peak. Founded in 1979 as Atelier Group Architects, Singapore’s home-grown studio have evolved over the decades and amassed multiple works and (not to mention) awards.

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Queens Peak Comparables Land Price vs. Selling Price

So we are all eagerly awaiting the latest updates on Queens Peak and one of the foremost questions on everyone’s thoughts is – what is the selling price of Queens Peak?!

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