The Queenstown Planning Area

The Queenstown area was originally built by the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) and is one of the oldest estates and Singapore’s first satellite town. That being said, the area has its own distinct identity and heritage.

Queenstown have since grown into a modern town that offers a variety of housing, ample amenities and excellent transport connectivity. As Queenstown develops, there will be continuing efforts from the government to showcase its heritage and strengthen its identity.

The government have identified four key areas that they will be focusing on with the development of the Queenstown area:

  1. Housing: providing new choices in a fresh environment
  2. Identity: nostalgic Queenstown and intriguing Holland Village
  3. Leisure: giving new reasons to be outdoors
  4. Economy: nurturing a growth centre and creating jobs

Draft Master Plan 2013 for Queenstown

More information on the redevelopment plans for the Queenstown Planning Area can be found in the Draft Master Plan 2013 here.

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