Queens Peak Comparables Land Price vs. Selling Price

So we are all eagerly awaiting the latest updates on Queens Peak and one of the foremost questions on everyone’s thoughts is – what is the selling price of Queens Peak?!

While we don’t have an indication from the developer (more on them in the next update!) yet, we thought why not do a comparison with the latest launches in the area? We could look at how much the land was bought for initially versus their eventual selling price to, perhaps, give us an indication of what we can expect.

So we turned to our number-crunching wizards and this is what they came with:

Comparables Land Price vs Selling Price


Of course, those magicians did much more and gave us a detailed breakdown of the numbers on a unit type basis (eg, 1Br quantum min/max, psf min/max/average, etc) for each of the comparables. What can we say, we love those guys.

If you want to receive the detailed breakdown of the numbers, please register your interest with us! =)

*numbers are accurate as of end August 2016

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