About The Architect

AGA Architects is the developer-appointed architect for Queens Peak. Founded in 1979 as Atelier Group Architects, Singapore’s home-grown studio have evolved over the decades and amassed multiple works and (not to mention) awards.

Throughout the years, AGA have built up an architectural practice that provides contemporary and adaptive solutions to address the current aspirations of today’s generation. Their portfolio of projects mirrors the intensity of their committment and underscores their aspirations of being a dynamic architectural practice.

In August 2008, their practice was incorporated as AGA Architects Pte Ltd to map out new directions to diversify their works. Their list of awards accumulated over the years include the BCA Green Mark Gold Plus Award (in 2016 for The Vales and 2015 for J Gateway), the International Property Awards (in 2014 for Este Villa), the Skyrise Greenery Award (in 2013 for The Ardennes Hotel), among many others.

Their stellar portfolio of projects for high-rise residential developments include:



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