New Amenities in Dawson Estate

In line with the rejuvenation of Queenstown (specifically, the Dawson estate), the government have announced plans to develop a whole new array of commercial amenities all around Queens Peak.

These new facilities will be built in the five new precincts of Dawson and will comprise of 30 shops, a supermarket, four eateries, and communal facilities such as childcare centres, education centres, student care centres, and elderly care centres.

The breakdown of the new amenities to the different sites are as follows:


This will, no doubt, add an unparalleled amount of convenience to the residents of Queens Peak – being able to step out of your home to such a vast array of amenities. Not to mention, Queenstown MRT station is right beside as well.

These facilities are expected to be ready in 2019/2020, about the same time as Queens Peak would be completed.

Click here if you would like to read up on the rejuvenation of Queenstown, which we have covered in a previous post.

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