The Design of Queens Peak

The Queens Peak 101 team attended the architect’s briefing yesterday. During the brief, the architects explained the design considerations, how they went about creating a theme for the development, and the story behind it all.

In planning for the design, the architects wanted to take an organic approach to high-rise living. They realised that many high-rise buildings felt very “hard” and wanted to bring a “softer” feel to Queens Peak. As such, they studied nature and drew similarities like how organic and natural elements usually have curvier edges as compared to the sharp edges of man-made elements.


They drew inspiration from the inside of a tree, where you can see the curvy lines, and also from hilly terrain which brings about a curve when placed against a silhouette.


Combining these elements together, AGA Architects designed the balconies of Queens Peak to be curvy in order to break the image mold of a man-made building and to “soften” the feel of the development.


A lot of thought have been put into the design of Queens Peak by the architects. Considerations and practical applications to natural elements fuse together to form a design that is both unique, pleasing, and livable.

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